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For over 40 years the Clock Restaurants of Greer have been focused on community leadership, Empowerment and involvemt
The Clock of Greer Sponsors Yellow Jacket football team

70 Greer High School football players enjoy a free meal thanks to the Clock of Greer.  This year's Yellow Jacket summer training camp ended on a great note as players and coaches relaxed at the Clock after a tiring and hard weekend.  

"We're proud to support the Greer High School football team.  We look forward to this day every year" - Jimmy Chulkas

Honoring our Veterans 

This 4th of July the Clock of Greer welcomed retired Air Force Major and Vietnam veteran Ken Howell.  Howell, a native of the Greer area was asked to hang the new American Flag in the front of Clock Restaurant on Poinsett.

"It was my honor to hang the American Flag and the freedom it represents.  I love the Clock Restaurant in Greer and I highly respect the Chulkas family," said Howell.

Syl Syl Toy Drive 

Clock Restaurants of Greer are honored to participate and host the Syl Syl Toy Drive in celebration of Sylvia Holtzclaw, who was killed with two others in a bank robbery at Blue Ridge Savings in 2003.  In 2013 the Greer community collected over 1,300 toys in honor of Syl Syl Holtzclaw.

The Clock and the organizers of the event appreciate the community's help and  generosity in honoring their mother with this annual event during the holiday season. 




For over 40 years the Clock Restaurants of Greer have found relationships within the community through sports, industry and local commercial businesses. We want to see this community continue to grow, and support local business.
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